About Alex Stadler, LMT

About Alex Stadler, LMT

April 3, 2018 Therapist Bios

“Here at Full Compass, we look at things differently. We approach the body without assumptions, without judgment and we consider its state across the range of health structures each individual possesses. In an effort to bring a higher level of change in our clients’ bodies, we seek to create a higher level of connectivity between ourselves, the clientele and to their aspects of individual and group support.

Three main themes have resonated throughout my journey to create the Full Compass Massage technique- harmony, structure and efficiency. Being a son of two engineers and having had a stepfather that imbued the importance of quality in building and creating led me to seek to improve and grow my involvements. Being a writer and songsmith led me to seek to be the voice of that narrative, and, ultimately, tragedy and hardship inspired me toward the direction of my focus.

At 11 years old I was hit by a car, which cracked my skull, broke my left wrist and nearly cost me my then-shattered left leg. It was an entire summer and another year of recovery before I would walk again, but that wasn’t the end of it. Years later, in the midst of my massage education, I was again struck by a car, and my left elbow was both dislocated and broken. Prior to the incident I had been elated. I’d found a true calling, and my band at the time was recording, hot and about to release our second album. It would be another, grueling year before I could return to school- the toughest of my life. However, it tempered my desire to complete my massage training, and I re-entered the program charged. I would find a way to heal those, like me, who had undergone devastation and help bring them hope, relief from pain and a pathway toward a full, healthy life. I sought the worst and most trying cases in our school clinic, and I told my fellow students to give me any cases that intimidated them.

When I started Full Compass Massage I knew that my main focus would be to provide unparalleled healing and education, and I was certain that by always delivering the highest quality I could that the business would grow. My intentions were always to ally with chiropractors, a natural and powerful, synergistic partner in wellness, as well as, to ultimately teach new bodyworkers to listen to the body, to consider the deepest components of wellness, to educate those seeking answers how to care for themselves and to help them find continued partnerships for their wellness. It was and still is my goal.”
~Alex Stadler, LMT

Alex is a singer, songwriter, performer and producer of music. He plays in two local bands, The Extraordinary Contraptions and Trove, as well as, helping other local artists to hone their craft. He is a strong advocate for education, sustainability and the arts, and he lives with his beautiful family in Snellville. Outside of his callings, music and massage, Alex enjoys being outdoors, practicing qi gong, studying language, the cosmos and new technologies, as well as, creating visual and audio art.

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