Sore neck?

Sore neck?

April 12, 2019 Uncategorized

Recently, we posted about waking up with a sore neck, but sleeping without proper support isn’t the only way a neck can become misaligned or the muscles tight and aching. Have you ever had a headache at the base of your skull or around the edge of one of your eye sockets? Do you regularly have pressure headaches or migraines?

An imbalance of the craniosacral system can make pressure symptoms from the world around more intense within the envelope of your body. Also, complications from straining eyes or tensed jaw muscles can exacerbate those conditions.

Myofascial release in combination with techniques and applications of pressure, both from the practitioner side and the client side, can help to make crucial changes in this system, which can help to diminish or even completely abate these symptoms.

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