Neck Issues

Neck Issues

May 21, 2019 Uncategorized

Good morning, FCM friends and family!

We’ve been talking about neck issues this month, and so far we’ve discussed sleep-related problems and how headaches can sometimes be caused by an imbalance in the craniosacral system. One of the growing and highly important focuses that we study in our work is the relationship between the pelvis and the neck and cranium together. You’ve heard the saying, “As above, so below” doubtless in reference to all sorts of things, but in this case there is a level of truth that is undeniable, and we see it in our practice frequently.

What is important is understanding that your tension structure or matrix is continuous throughout the body. Therefore, if you have a distortion in your pelvis (say one hip is higher) or in your neck (your head is turned slightly or leaning to the side), then this is going to cause your body to react, and the symptoms and repercussions of this are farther reaching that just the areas close to the cause. In fact, often times the causes are in places you don’t even notice, which is difficult to ascertain on your own.

Our bodies have an innate intelligence, but it takes connecting to that intelligence, not overwhelming or ignoring it, to sometimes take a big step toward wellness. Need a hand in that? We always say to hire to your weakness when it comes to big jobs. We’re here to support you, to listen deeply to your body and your goals, and we’d love to help your families and friends, too!

Thank you for being a part of and for helping us grow our FCM community!