When Alex created the Full Compass Massage concept in 2010 it was based on the idea that, much like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community of like-minded therapists and support specialists to create, sustain and promote wellness within an individual.  From this thought process and the inclusion of gifted team members we have a continually growing number of therapeutic tools, so to speak, within our health and wellness care community. Some of our longest friendships in care are below, though always feel free to ask if you have specific needs that you do not see addressed by the care professionals below.  We take our referrals very seriously, and it is only after strong confirmation that we will recommend a professional to ensure that our clients are getting only the best care.

Expression Chiropractic w/ Dr. James Duga, DC and Dr. J. Kate Wetterlin, DC

Laura Strickland, LMT

Lotus of Life Chiropractic w/ Dr. Lilian Warner, DC